Returning to "It Isn't Me" by James Lasdun

I discovered Richard Rohr yesterday thanks to a podcast by Pete Holmes. Rohr is a Franciscan on "the edge of the inside" of Christianity. That phrase means he's just Christian enough to call himself Christian, but (refreshingly) he recognizes the more

"It Isn't Me" by James Lasdun

Lately I've been reading a collection of James Lasdun's poems that will be coming out from Farrar Straus and Giroux this spring. I'd never read his poetry before. (That's a phrase I should stop using on this blog. I say more


Browsing through the Blogging subreddit, I was pleased to find a post entitled 'What are your blogging related New Year's Resolutions?' The most upvoted comment is from user CulinariaBlog, who said "Try to find more blogs I like and more