A New Reading List

Been reading a bit more lately. Crashed through The Vintage Book of Contemporary American Poetry. (Somebody left it in the freebies pile in the lobby of our last apartment in Boston. Ah, Boston -- I miss its bookishness.) Also have been keeping up with this year's issues of Poetry magazine. My dad got me a couple collections of poetry for my birthday; have been enjoying those. And I keep coming back to my favorite anthology, Robert Pinsky's Singing School.

So: a new reading list. Anthologies and magazines are great for getting a cursory sense of a bunch of authors so you can gather a list of names to dig into. Here's that list on Goodreads. And to save you a click, here are the authors on my list in no particular order:

John Berryman
J.V. Cunningham
Jean Garrigue
May Swenson
Robert Duncan
William Meredith
Howard Nemerov
Edgar Bowers
W.D. Snodgrass
Galway Kinnell
Irving Feldman
Robert Pinsky
Sharon Olds
Kay Ryan
Henri Cole
Rae Armantrout
Max Ritvo
Mary Karr
Peter Cole
sam sax
Mary Oliver
Adam Zagajewski
Rolf Jacobsen
Valery Larbaud
Edward Field
Wang Wei
James Applewhite
Kenneth Rexroth
Tu Fu
Zbigniew Herbert
Raymond Carver
Linda Gregg
Constantine Cavafy
Rainer Maria Rilke
Anna Swir
James Tate
Wislawa Szymborska
Anna Kamienska
Stevie Smith
Thom Gunn

I'm more inclined to start by digging into the lesser knowns -- less known to me at least. Maybe start with Stevie Smith? Or W.D. Snodgrass? I'm kind of fascinated by Max Ritvo. He and I were studying at Yale at the same time, and though I'm sure we never met before his death I'm also sure there's no way we didn't cross paths, maybe attended the same readings or lectures. I'm not certain what to do, but I'm excited to be beginning again.